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OcuFreh - Eye Wash - Cleanses Refreshes

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With OcuFresh® Eye Wash, you can have confidence that you've chosen a safe, reliable means for cleansing your eyes to help relieve from itching and discomfort.

In urgent care situations, OcuFresh® quickly and safely cleanses out irritants, dirt, chlorinated water and other loose foreign materials.

When used regularly, cleansing your eyes with OcuFresh®  helps to remove pollen, irritants or dirt that cause discomfort in your eyes. The results are eyes that feel noticeably better.

Bring freshness and relief to your everyday life

  • Washes away irritants
  • Helps relief burning, itching and stinging eyes.

OcuFresh Commercial

A lot of things get into your eyes.
OcuFresh® gets them all out.
OcuFresh® is safe for all ages.

Try OcuFresh® now!

Your eyes will look and feel noticeably better.

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