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Benefits of OcuFresh®

In urgent care situations, OcuFresh® is a quick, effective solution.
Used regularly, OcuFresh® removes pollutants before they become a possible source of irritation.

In Urgent Care Situations

Almost everyone, at some point, has experienced the pain and discomfort when getting some foreign substance in the eyes. Having OcuFresh® handy at times like this can be vital to removing the loose foreign material.

This is why it is especially important for parents to be prepared with OcuFresh® in the home or when they go on family outings. After all, kids get things in their eyes at the most unpredictable moments.  Having OcuFresh® handy can make a bad situation like this better almost instantly.

Used Regularly

Your eyes are bombarded every day by dust, irritants and more. So is it really any surprise that at times they feel itchy?  It is important to remember that itchiness, burning or soreness in the eyes are symptoms, not the problem. They are "warning signs" that your eyes need help.

Regular care helps protect your eyes from getting so distressed in the first place. OcuFresh® helps relieve your eyes from itching, burning, and other discomfort by removing pollen or loose foreign material and washing away irritants.

What is Eye Wash?

Most people are not clear on the differences between eye washes, eye lubricants, other assorted eye drops and saline rinses. They each provide different forms of relief. It is good to understand how they differ. Following are the 4 most popular over-the-counter eye product categories along with a brief description of each:

Eye Wash

The way most use Eye Wash is as remedy for urgent care situations. It is a fluid that can be used to safely and quickly wash harmful substances out of the eye, such as dust, irritants, or any other foreign matter that caused irritation or discomfort to the eye.

No household should be without it. This is especially true, if kids are present. After all, most kids, at some point, get something lodged in their eyes. If you have OcuFresh® on hand, the particles can be quickly and painlessly flushed out of their eyes. Eye wash helps your eyes to remove air pollutants or irritants and helps relieve your eyes from discomfort or itchiness.

Eye Drops That "Get The Red Out"

These eye drops are called "constrictors". They force the blood vessels in your eyes to constrict. This is how they make the red quickly disappear. The effect of such drops is largely aesthetic, not therapeutic. The more such drops are used, the more they become necessary to reduce redness. This is because blood vessels forced to constrict through the use of eye drops tend to expand even more aggressively when the drops are discontinued. This can result in an almost addictive pattern of use and lead to long term health problems.

Lubricant Eye Drops

Eye lubricants, also called demulcents, add moisture to provide temporary relief for dry eye syndrome. They are not eye washes. They do not offer the benefits of cleaning. They simply add lubricants and moisture to dry eyes.

Rewetting Eye Drops

When you do not want to remove your contact lenses, but still need to add moisture to your eyes and lenses, use rewetting eye drops.

Sterile Saline Rinse

Saline rinse is for rinsing your contacts after disinfection. Saline is also for wetting your contacts just before you put them in your eyes.  You can remove your contacts anytime during the day, rinse them with saline, and put them back in your eye. Saline rinse should not be used as eye drops.